Nikitin, Vladimir A. was born in 1944, Graduated from Art school at the high school of art and they Century. I. Mukhina, then the geological faculty of the Leningrad state University (1968) ,

Since 1969 Nikitin in journalism: newspaper «the Young guard» (Sakhalin), 1970-1976, — it ’Leningradskaya Pravda»; 1976 -1980, — robcorr NWB APN. From 1980 to 1987 — author and presenter of “VIEW” Leningrad TV. Member of the Union of journalists of the USSR (1973), was Chairman of the intellectual LO LF of the USSR and member of the Board of the intellectual SG USSR.

From 1989 to 1997, author of the column on the history of photography in the magazine «homeland». From 2000 through 2005 — author of the column in the magazine ’PR-dialogue”.

the Candidate of historical Sciences (1985) 1988 – Professor, 1989-2011 — chief of the Department of visual journalism faculty of journalism, St. Petersburg state University. Has published several books and over 200 articles on the history of photography and photojournalism.

Author, member, curator and editor of numerous exhibitions, including abroad. «Honored worker of Higher school of the Russian Federation”, “GOLDEN PEN 2009– for contribution to the development of journalism.