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Diness. The Enigma that is Diness thirty Years ago in the archives of one of the Leningrad museums I managed to stumble on a large collection of glass negatives, the author of which was listed A. Dines. Shooting the Russian Far East, Sakhalin, Khabarovsk, Ussuriysk, Port Arthur, China, Beijing… a lot of pictures! And all this reportage shots, people, events. And the signature on them – it ’A. Dines».

Eberling Russian artist Alfred R. Eberling (1871 -1951) lived complex and interesting life – he came to make known the glory and prosperity, the lack of money and the rejection of it in artistic circles. He for a long time rival abroad, but most of his life was held in St. Petersburg.

nice One of the most beautiful places nice and still considered Villa Walrus – a huge area, beautiful Palace and other great buildings. Today, there is a natural faculty of the University of nice, but once it all belonged to a rich Russian businessman railroad Builder Paul G. Derviz (1826—1881).