I’m a professional photographer. After graduating from Leningrad state University with a degree in «Geophysics» within a year I worked in the youth newspaper on the island, then was chief of the St. Petersburg newspaper ’Leningradskaya Pravda», then press Agency news… Later becoming a lecturer at the faculty of journalism continued to cooperate with different media. Travelled around the country.

So gradually evolved my main photocell ’Intersections of Russia’, which is not finished and today ’ s a no-no and manages to capture the situation that may come in this visual narrative. The life of my sovremennikov and compatriots what is the content of this series. I have repeatedly posted edit images and Russia, but more often abroad.: in Denmark, Sweden, France and the USA. There people are very carefully looked at my pictures. The exhibition at the University СLEMSON (South Carolina, USA) in the guest book one visitor wrote: «I First saw the shots of the natural life of the Russian people. Normal, in natural situations. And I thought I could live with them.  For me it was the highest score.

my Other cycle it ’s Black-and-white Petrovo” – this story is about Novgorodskiy village about forty houses, where I in 1980 he bought a house. It so happened that from the mid-seventies of the past century there began to buy the house of Leningrad. Most of them – artists – artists, writers, and artists. In the nineties, when he graduated from the existence of the collective farms and state farms, and local residents have left their homes or died, the village was almost entirely populated by people of Leningrad. Some of them eventually moved there permanently, changing urban lifestyle at the village, with its pleasures and burdens.

In my pictures you can see the changes in village life over the last decade, how they lived and died by the locals, and they replaced the townspeople aren’t familiar at first, rural life, has become a familiar and loved.

paid tribute I and formal search – he built a homemade camera, which allows you to get round the image. Not many people think about the fact that any lens gives a circular image, and the camera cuts away from him a lot, leaving only vicariously rectangle or square. Thus was born the cycle «squaring the circle”

I Have other cycles that I am on the site evolves we hope to show the audience.