Summer Garden

It was in the early seventies, in the spring, in April. There was already quite warm weather and people came out of their houses without clothing. In the Summer garden has already been removed from sculptures bulky wooden boxes. Word of life ran its regular course. And then one morning I looked out the window I was amazed – the city was covered with snow.

Picked up the phone, I went outside. The snow was already beginning to slightly melt, and the car left the intricate pattern of marks on the asphalt. I wandered around the city from time to time stopping to capture attracted me the situation. Don’t remember how he suddenly Summer garden…

And now I am in the garden, and to my surprise there was no limit. Not a single soul and just Nude goddesses on pedestals covered with fluffy snow apparel… And I am one.

Then I did a lot of shots. And they still surprise me. I’ll never ever see these sculptures under the snow cover and most likely never happen. Moreover, today there are already copies of….

Then I have winter wander in the Summer garden, something was able to shoot, but never again will I not got such pleasure from shooting, as in the April snow day.