Photo project ’Saint-Petersburg. 1903-2003, the twentieth century in photos»

City Life in the twentieth century – a chain of dramatic transformations, not only changed the life of the whole country, but also influenced the history of the world.The chronicle of the century appears in the pictures photographers generations. Each album consists of 250 – 350 photos and according to the author-compiler is intended to show the city life in all its manifestations, and at the same time to tell about the photographers who worked in one or another period. The first album devoted to the pre-revolutionary era. Its theme – the life of the capital of the Russian state on the eve of the 1917 revolution, radically changed the lives of our compatriots.

the Second album talks about 20-30-ies of XX century – the era when the former capital of the Empire was turned into a «socialist Leningrad. 

Third album – it ’Unknown blockade. Leningrad 1941-1944» represents a unique fotopoulou about the heroic devotionally the defense of Leningrad, the most tragic period in the history of the city, when almost half a million people died from hunger and cold.

Fourth album – it ’Optimism memory. Leningrad 70s” – the story about the era of stagnation. About time, then seemed immutable.

And finally, the fifth – “the End of the century: the transformation of being.  This is a story about the time change, «restructuring», turbulent nineties and early 2000s