The Beginning

Album: The Beginning

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By the early twentieth century St. Petersburg became a truly European city – he could boast an abundance of architectural ensembles, which could be the envy of the most beautiful cities in the world. The industry produced literally everything needed Russia – from ships and modern weapons to items of everyday use. St. Petersburg was the capital of the largest state centre of science and culture, sosredotochivshis a huge intellectual potential.

every year it became more convenient for housing. Several railway lines connected the capital with the most different regions of Russia and European countries. Introduced in 1907, the tram immediately became the main and favorite mode of transport that solved many problems of the city, whose population exceeds one million, and continued to grow. Of course, the decoration of the city centre was very different from his working-class suburbs, but the process of urbanization is rapidly increasing. In the Central areas have been built block of flats with all facilities not known to many European cities.

St. Petersburg has always been “city of contrasts” – here since its inception lived near poverty, which reached to the unthinkable limit and raging incredible wealth, splendor, constantly flaunt. And this contrast is struck foreigners and two hundred, and a hundred years ago. He continues to impress Europeans and now.

St. Petersburg lucky – here was born of domestic photography and photojournalism. In the history of Russian photography entered the names of the photographers of the bull dynasty, many other photographers have left a priceless heritage – a chronicle of the great city. In addition, the album includes the work of photographer-lover Alfred Eberling, left amazing street shots, strikingly different from what was filmed his contemporaries professionals.