The Time of Defeated hopes

The Time of Defeated hopes 

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the Album ’s a Time of dashed hopes. Petrograd – Leningrad, 1920 – 1930– – the second author of the album cycle ’St. Petersburg – Petrograd – Leningrad – Saint-Petersburg. The twentieth century in pictures» tells the story of the most controversial period of Soviet history – a time when unprecedented social enthusiasm coexisted with the unprecedented scale of repression and destruction of the previous culture was accompanied by the birth of a new Great Style. This was the period when the capital of the Russian Empire gradually turned into «the great city regional destiny.  Period, when he formed a new » proletarian culture”, was swept aside all the old values.

the Town was constantly losing the intellectual part of society, the most educated part of it – emigration, persecution, extermination, expulsion, – and the replacement came from impoverished villages, adding only the ranks of the urban proletariat who lived in the suburbs and uplotnyaya communal apartment in the center. At the same time construction began on the new working neighbourhoods near the most large enterprises. Built commercial kitchen, the house of culture, public catering enterprises, the purpose of which – the formation of a new household workers.

at the same time was built the plant, modernezirovana plants and factories were built power plant, the youth sought in aviation and the Navy, was made the new equipment. And passed near mass lawsuits, finding pests, arrests and deportation «enemies of the people. 

Much of this was captured on the photos due to the purposeful and ongoing work of the Leningrad photographers and above all, staff pictures of the Leningrad city Council (formerly. Karl Bulla) and its Director and a wonderful reporter Victor Karlovich bull. For a long time they stubbornly fought social chronicling the life of Petrograd – Leningrad, leaving to posterity a unique collection of documentary photographs, that has no equal in Russia.

the album more than 350 images, many documents and artifacts of this era. The author was the first to publish many never previously publikovavshihsya photos not only from the collection of the Central archive of photographs of St. Petersburg, but many private collections, family albums, photos from years investigative and other rare photographs.

the Album was released in 2007. Format: 29.5 x 30,5 see, 348 pages