The Unknown Blockade

Unknown blockade. The path to victory. Leningrad 1941-1944

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the Album ’Unknown blockade. The path to victory. Leningrad 1941-1944″, tells the story of the Leningrad blockade, unheard-of suffering, endured a huge city and millions of its inhabitants, the most severe blockade, which never experienced either before or after those tragic days. This fotopoulou became possible thanks to the hard work of the Leningrad photographers. To them, the Leningrad blockade chroniclers, dedicates his work the author.

Today, few people know that there were many restrictions for residents of the besieged city. So, for example, were confiscated all radios, Smoking cinema and photography without special permission – any photograph could be called ‘the secret message», and made him – an enemy spy. Violation of these prohibitions could cost a man’s life.

So, vigilant citizens, finding the Leningrad Alexander Nikitin at the moment when he was taking pictures of destroyed during the bombing of buildings, immediately reported to the authorities and he was arrested. The detainee was sentenced to 5 years and a few months later he died on the way to camp. Three of his picture, film, shown in the NKVD, and the story about him published in the book.

Taken as professionals frames passed through numerous censors sieve and only after this was published. Those pictures, which are not illustrated heroic deeds of the inhabitants of the besieged city, could not be published in those days, some of them were destroyed, others for many years sent to the archives.

the book was published nearly three hundred photographs from the State archive of cinema and photo documents of St. Petersburg, archive of the FSB in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, other storage, collection and private collections, conveying the atmosphere of the terrible siege of days. These frames were made in the days of blockade reporters courtesy of Lentas and Leningrad newspaper Fedoseyev, Trachtenberg, Khandogiy, Tarasevich, Moseleum and others.

Published images and texts from the diaries give the opportunity to experience the enormity and the daily life of the besieged city. Among them you can see a herd of cows, which passes the Winter Palace, passing by Gostiny Dvor Soviet tanks, Leningrad, taking your skis for the army, cleaning corpses after shelling…

This unique edition, prepared for printing Petersburg’s oldest non-state publishing house «Limbus Press” to the 70th anniversary of the siege, updated and significantly expanded compared to the previously released album. It is part of a five-volume project ’St. Petersburg – Petrograd – Leningrad – Saint-Petersburg. XX century in photographs. 

the Album was released in 2013. Format: 29.5 x 30,5 see, 348 pages