Optimism of memory

Optimism of memory. Leningrad 70-s

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This album was the first in a Grand and spanning decades, the project ’St. Petersburg – Petrograd – Leningrad – Saint-Petersburg. The twentieth century in photos», the idea of which was born in 1999, and then it seemed that the planned release five albums will be able to implement for the celebration of the tercentenary of the city.

Why this album was the first? It’s hard to say, but perhaps it was the wish of the publisher, and, in addition, the era, which was to tell, was not yet forgotten, almost all authors were alive, which facilitated the selection of the material.

What time was it? Of course, the time was good – for the author and photographers, whose work was included in the album were young! But what ’ s as it was and beishon! No, we never thought about tomorrow, we just have not thought about what we will eat and drink tomorrow and the day after – such problems, thank God did not exist! It was another – the feeling of fatal immutability of our lives! We could not even assume that we will be able to travel freely around the world, will be able to wander to other cities, to watch movies, read the books that we wanted and even calm buy everything we want, – would be only money! – in a nearby store.

Life for many on a brilliant definition of the Broom Erofeev was like night sitting on the station: » You woke up – you already 33 years old, fell asleep, woke up again – 48, began to nod again – and never woke up.  Not penalise many…