Metamorphosis of being


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Here is what says about this edition of the St. Petersburg journalist Igor Shkurenko:

“…he Published (B. Nikitin) copyright album from the series ’twentieth century – St. Petersburg in photographs» about which, I am sure, will say as one of the important cultural projects of the turn of the century and the beginning of the XXI century. Voluminous work….consists of about 300 shots of dozens of photographers.

the Idea Nikitin grandiose: to capture in photo stories for the entire twentieth century, for St. Petersburg ’ Petrograd – Leningrad time truly heroic, already mythical. The time of the tragedy of unimaginable suffering, a great feat and together with the perfect time, when there were genuine masterpieces…

one selection of photos for this project may take the life – but the fact of the matter is that life Nikitin and so dedicated to pictures, it is the main way of expression… Nikitin brought together under one cover and different genres of photography and different generations of masters.

Photojournalism on the topic of the day is adjacent to the album with the author’s artistic photography… each side carefully constructed, the sequence of frames in assembled Nikitin ’s a film about the city, the attention to detail…. If you look at the album indifferent glance, attentive to detail, you can see lots of stories aptly and succinctly, pomposity, political demagogues and the longing for the ideal, of worldly vanity and vanity, the overthrow of kummerow and about the feast of fools on the ruins of confusion masters and their escape from reality.

On the front cover depicts the figure of – the monument to the leader that points to the left, while present in the frame people look right. The latest cover – the face of an angel with the Alexander column after the restoration, with black caverns then, markings that are ideal inflicted.

to See it can only be a very careful look from the very close distance. THANKS to the ART of PHOTOGRAPHY IT BECAME POSSIBLE”

(the newspaper » Business Petersburg» No. 176 dated 04. 10. 2013)
the Album was released in 2013. The format of 29.5 x 30.5 see, 288 S.